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The online video game industry has grown to be a multi-billion dollar industry. Despite this fact, only a handful of Professional teams and streamers ever see a single dollar or acquire sponsorships.

Now consider the growing number of adults, in their golden years, suffering from a plethora of age-related dysfunctions: social, physical, psychological, and other such illnesses. Many of these adults are being recommended, by their doctors, to use video games as a means to retain social skills, improve mental sharpness, combat loneliness (depression), and reduce the risk of physical/psychological illnesses. This leaves a lot of people playing video games into their late ages.

For those who love video games and/or those who are unable to work (in the traditional sense of the word), there is a huge opportunity to earn some income, or extra money. At Gaming by Sage, we are working towards operating with the mindset of “if I can, we can do it!” We are organizing a gaming community of teams, players looking to form teams, and casual gamers.

Cross promotion is a key element to Gaming by Sage; therefore, our community’s streamers play a crucial part in our mission. We point to our community’s streamers and they point back to us: more views, more likes, and more subscribes for everyone!

Alone, it would be difficult to get sponsored or earn money from streaming; however, by using cross promotion and social media to unite us, we have the collective numbers to make money and fund promotional items for our events and teams.

We do welcome players of all experience levels to our community! For casual players (who may not want to be part of a competitive team), we hold server events every week (ARAMs, Fight Clubs, Pick-Up-Scrims, Tournaments, etc…).

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